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Dual Zone Streaming Music Player

The EOS streaming music system is built for background music in an office or other business. Streams 50+ channels of music from the Cloudstream service ($29/month) though an ordinary Ethernet connection. Cloudstream music is fully licensed to be played in public areas. Connect directly to any distribution amp or add the EOSP-510 wireless transmitter card to the EOSP-500 to send your music wirelessly to up to 12 Eos Wireless powered speakers (EOSP-622) or the Eos Wireless Receiver (EOSP-610). Robust wireless performance of up to 300 ft.


Dual Zone Wireless Transmitter Card for Streaming Music Player
Add wireless audio capability to your Eos Dual Zone Streaming Music Player. Simple plug in card allows you to take your music to the next level.  Just plug it in to the Eos Dual Zone Streaming Media Player and send wireless audio to Eos speakers and transceivers (in receive mode).   Proprietary 2.4GHz digital wireless technology provides wireless transmission range of up to 300’ (50m) and support for up to 12 wireless receivers/wireless speakers.  


Dual Zone Wireless Speaker

The Eos Wireless powered speakers are a perfect solution for most any application. Integrated power supply allows the speaker to mount onto any wall outlet without additional installation, or use the optional wall-mounting bracket (EOSP-05) for other installations. Powerful 30W amp and 4"woofer and 1"tweeter in a bass reflex enclosure provide deep bass, rich midrange and crisp clears highs.  


Wireless Transceiver

Operates as either as a transmitter or a receiver with the flick of a switch. Makes any audio componet wireless. The utility of this transceiver will change the way both traditional wired and new wireless music systems are used and deployed. Supports up to 12 wireless speakers/receivers in transmit mode.